Introducing our new e-Course – Common Core Math: Asking Questions That Get Students Engaged

I Think Zones

Your journey will be organized by Zones. In the I Think Zones — ITZs for short — lives the power of questions, essential to our students’ understanding and application of the State Standards for Mathematics.

The Docking Station

Once you register for the course, you have unlimited access to a virtual control room where you can link to people, resources, research, your own reflections, templates, your question bank, common core lesson plans — your tools in one place!

Dr. Art Costa, author and past ASCD president and Dr. Bob Garmston, author and NSDC former columnist, discuss this course.

Start your journey into Common Core Math: Asking Questions That Get Students Engaged

Take a look at  this interactive, engaging, rigorous e-Course that will uncover your thinking and help you discover new learning about how you can become a power user of questions tied directly to the State Standards for Mathematics. You’ll be glad you did!!

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Education professionals weigh in on Common Core Math: Asking Questions That Get Students Engaged e-Course and its innovative approach to professional learning and practical applications.

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We have created a Common Core Math Thinking course tutorial to help you understand how the course works. Please click on the link below to learn how to use the course.

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